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The Elvis Wonder Show Bank

The Elvis Wonder Show

Band Bio
The Elvis Wonder Show Band based in Cleveland, Ohio with performances all over the mid-west! A 5-piece band lead by Eddie Lampert as Elvis. Eddie has been fascinated by Elvis since he was a little kid with his very first microphone. He has the Elvis like moves and on-stage mannerisms that leave your guests amazed. With big dreams of playing on the moon, Chris Brown is the lead guitarist of the wonder show band. Andy Chaplin is the rhythm Guitarist, known in the band for playing the electric acoustic guitar, also known for playing the Mandolin, is fortunate to not be the drummer! Shawn Brandt on bass enjoys traveling and beer. In addition to playing jazz bass, he has also written music orchestra and wind ensembles. Matt Wilson on the drums, he has only been playing drums for 3 years now but is a natural with the sticks! Finally, Jefferson Rice on keys, sax, backing vocals. He has performed for over 40 years with over 50 acts throughout the eastern US. He opened for such acts as Aretha Franklin, Merle Haggard, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, Three Dog Night, and many more international acts. He has shared the stage with Bo Diddley, Nils Lofgren (Guitarist for Bruce Springsteen), Johnny Johnson (pianist Chuck Berry), and Humble Pie.

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