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Brittany Amtsberg

  • Murder Mystery Writer

  • Murder Mystery Host

Brittany's Bio
Born and raised in Northeast Ohio Brittany has spent the majority of her working life in the hospitality industry, despite her lifelong passion for writing. Graduating from Mentor High School, she attended college studying Creative Writing and Criminal Psychology. After college she continued her career in Hospitality while pursuing a career that would allow her to combine her passions! It wasn't until 2016, while pregnant with her daughter that she decided to throw an epic birthday party for herself  inviting her friends and family to celebrate with the massively pregnant birthday girl! In a quest to find something that no one has ever seen before, she produced Wild West Wonder, in February 2017. Her first of many personal Interactive Murder Mystery Experiences the night ended with every single person clamoring to do it again!! It was at that moment she decided that the time and effort she put into the event was everything she never knew she wanted in a career.  After years of planning, learning, writing, and schmoozing  she launched Empire Interactive, an event planning company that specialized in Interactive Murder Mystery Games. That same year she convinced her boss, at the time, that one of her events could attract attention and bring in business. She was given the green light to coordinate her first public event, Malice in Mobland, in June of 2023. During promotion for this event, the bar's Trivia Host inquired about the event and offered to help with the sound and production, going as far as to rent her the equipment and offer up an employee to help run it. That trivia host was Brandon Stray from All About You Entertainment and the employee that came to help run it was none other than Nick Makrias. With one event under their belt AAYE and Empire Interactive decided to team up with the mission of creating the most amazing Murder Mystery and Event Experiences their combined efforts could possibly offer. . . A mission everyone on staff at each of these small businesses continues to strive for. AAYE and Empire went on to host multiple different games, working with local area vendors and venues to execute the most unique Murder Mystery Dinner Experiences in the area to rave reviews from their participants. Not one to shy away from a challenge Brittany has continued to write and develop, not only a catalogue of base games, but has sought to write and produce bigger and more elaborate events to include different communities as a whole. Only time will tell what this partnership will bring; but it is, without a doubt, something keeping an eye on.

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