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Game Shows

Keep your guests from leaving with game shows!

All About You Entertainment is introducing its newest form of Entertainment!! On top of our grade A+ DJ’s and Karaoke, we are adding AAYE’s Live Game Shows!! This is great for a bar/club owner because it will give you another form of entertainment to keep your guest at your venue after happy hour ends!! AAYE Live Game Show is also a great add-on for private parties. Also, our Game shows are better than plain old trivia because your guest will face head-to-head at our podiums to win great prizes!! (Party host will have to provide prizes). Most importantly, we offer Game Shows like Jeopardy & The Family Feud! Our podium is just like the real thing that you see on TV.


The show host will ask the question and the when contestant knows the answer, they will press the buzzer and the lights will light up. Then, the contestant’s microphone will become live so that they can answer the question!! JUST LIKE THE REAL THING!! Please see our events to join in on the fun at a local Bar/Club!!

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